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In the final course, we'll tie together the concepts that you’ve learned up until now. You'll tackle real-world scenarios in Qwiklabs that will challenge you to use multiple skills at once. First, we'll take a closer look at how to use external Python modules to extend your code's capabilities, and spend some time learning how to use documentation to learn a new module. For example, we'll use the Python Image Library (PIL) to create and modify images. We'll show you some simple examples of how to perform common tasks in the course material, but it will be up to you to explore the module documentation to figure out how to solve specific problems. Next, we'll show you how to communicate with the world outside of your code! You'll use data serialization to turn in-memory objects into messages that can be sent to other programs. Your program will send messages across the network to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) offered by other programs. For those times when your code needs to talk to a person instead of a program, you'll also learn to send email messages. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to take a description of a problem and use your skills to create a solution -- just like you would on the job. In your final capstone project, you'll be given a description of what your customer needs, and it will be up to you to create a program to do it!...

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Mar 5, 2021

So hard, but thanks God, I'm here now still alive :)

Thanks, Google! It's such a wonderful journey through your courses on day-to-day task and real-world problem solving... and I really like it!


Mar 24, 2020

To me, this is the best course in the specialization. It helps you realize how far you've gotten from just barely learning Python and it also has the best labs where you can practice your skills.

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By Paul D N

Mar 31, 2020

Course was mostly good. The Certificate is a shame though. How is the big Google not able to create a decently formatted final certificate?

By Михаил К

Apr 20, 2020

The material is text only and far from sufficient.

Topic choice is strange.

First three labs are too easy, last one - too long and intense. Makes you struggle with the explanation and criteria< not the actual techniques. Grading is not transparent (ex. 4 in week 4).

And in the end, the Certificate is broken! Extremely disappointing. Nice course series, but the last one breaks the impression. Very unprofessional.

By Thiago F N

Mar 30, 2020

The labs were awful, no instructor, no videos. There was no one to help you with your lab problems and on top of that when you get the specialization certificate it is not properly formatted.

By Harshit G

May 29, 2020

To me, this is the best course in the specialization. It helps you realize how far you've gotten from just barely learning Python and it also has the best labs where you can practice your skills.

By Задойный А

Aug 5, 2020

Код надо писать по SSH в редакторе nano. На задания даётся 1.5ч. Успеть за это время написать код в непривычной среде (без IDE) нереально. А писать код локально не получится, т.к. нужен доступ к ресурсам, находящимся в лаборатории (файлы, API, другие скрипты и т.п.).


Это очень демотивирует.

Но вы можете списать готовое решение на форуме.

By Ben J

Dec 12, 2020

I am giving this course five stars because the content is really good. However, I thought it could have been better. There are not really any videos in this course - just quite long labs that you have to work through - which is fine as it is a capstone course. The problem is that the best way to complete the labs is to set up the problems on your own PC so that you don't run out of time. That would be ok but there doesn't seem to be a really easy way to do that. I use an Ubuntu on Windows 10 setup but there seem to be a few crucial instances where this doesn't fully match up to the lab environment. If I were to start again I would set up an actual dedicated Ubuntu machine or maybe a dual boot. In the end I just wanted to finish this course so I could complete the certificate. The final lab in particular was a bit too long in my opinion.


Nov 13, 2020

It's amazing how this course was a good fit for me. Not only the ways to teach were awesomely think, the material was just perfect. I think that I'm a new professional after this. Not only because of the practice, but for the easiness of introducing the world of automation and IT. As a data scientist, that's going to be very useful in my future. Thank you, Google, that was really great.

By Steven J R

Mar 6, 2021

So hard, but thanks God, I'm here now still alive :)

Thanks, Google! It's such a wonderful journey through your courses on day-to-day task and real-world problem solving... and I really like it!

By Canaan F

Apr 18, 2020

The Capstone policies leave something to be desired, but I suppose that's the methodology to raise the courses' credibility. I enjoyed these projects thoroughly, and this format (reading up and completing full project 'from scratch') was preferable to the pure video lectures with minimal quizzing and walk-through labs. Overall great specialization looking forward to putting my new skills to use!

By Isaac M

Dec 26, 2021

Good collection of automation challenges. The spirit of the challenges are good, but there is far too much handholding and boilerplate code. The challenges also don't really pull any skills from the git module, the config management module, nothing with regex/log parsing, unit testing. Didn't really feel like a capstone project that pulls in all the skills you learned thorughout the cert path.

Also, the overall design encouraged for the challenges are just not very good best practices. I felt like I was writing around someone elses shit code instead of designing a nice automation I would actually use in the workplace. Maybe that is part of the exercise, reading and using someone elses code, but maybe only have that be part of the challenges instead of the whole thing.

I would recommend this course to a complete beginner, but I would never recommend this to someone that has even a passing familiarity with python/programming. Better to just build some real things, barely even picked up any useful tricks

By Валиуллин Ш Р

Mar 10, 2022

Wow, that was nuts. But I kinda liked that. Hope to keep practice it.

Initially, I was scared of those technologies, but right now, I'm quite confident to use them. Thank you, Google team!

A huge thank to the whole Google team, who participated in filming and making this course real.

Especially, Khristine Rafla - for initial Python course, great tutor (I liked your videos the most, :) ) Roger Martinez - Python interaction (nice tutoring :) )

Kenny Sulaimon - great intro to the Git and VCS iself (you're cool :) )

Amanda Ballas - nice course about systems tech support (you're cool, as well :) )

Phelan Vindewel - that course blew my mind (I didn't know that would be so interesing to study)

By Ilya G M

Apr 4, 2020

It was an amazing experience, I've made the last module in a three days sprint and I really liked that! Thanks for covering so many topics in a single course: troubleshooting, time management, OS basics, projects version control, automation and, of course, python programming. I would say I pretty familiar with some of these topics, but it is always good to refresh knowledge. Incredible! Thanks a lot for this course!


Apr 12, 2020

An excellent course offered by google .Anyone who really interested to learn something about python and automation must enrol this course.But the certificate after learning this course is not in a proper format the only drawback is that .I hope that google will take some steps to provide the certificate in a valid format.

By Bobby A

Jun 1, 2020

This course exposed to me to how much there is out there in the world of I.T. and, how much one can get done with technologies and tools tools that are already in place. The instructors are great, learnt a lot from them, including good work ethics and even great life principles.

By Belen

Aug 29, 2020

This was a great course. Every instructor was amenable and knowledgable. There are a lot of practices and projects to learn each aspect of automation. The python knowledge in this course gets you very far and gives you enough confidence to go and research on your own.

By Adarsh K N

Sep 3, 2020

This course is an amazing conclusion to the entire specialization!! The projects are tough but you are thought every bit on how to go about a problem!! Altogether EXCELLENT!!!

By Wai K W C

Feb 1, 2021

The course is a good summary of what you learned in the whole specialization. It is challenging and practical enough to get your hand dirty. A very good course.

By Rahul G

Jan 25, 2022

Coursera is a great platform for learners as it not only teaches us but also test our learned skills which is very good and interactive for seekers.

By Ivan L

Apr 18, 2020

Hate linux

By Peter T

Dec 9, 2021

The first three labs were okay (although there could have been more, simpler exercises beforehand to train on). The last one is definitely too difficult and poorly guided. Besides these courses, I've spent hundreds of hours on codewars, leetcode and stackoverflow, and I still wasn't prepared for such a complex assignment. It wasn't too hard, but there are few clues on how to structure it. Without help from discussion forums, I would never complete this. I spent so much time researching, preparing the scripts, and creating my own resources to work with, because you can't even download those used in the lab to your local computer. If I pay for a course, I expect to be taught something, but this is rather a bunch of exercises and you have to do research on your own.

By rushikesh g

Sep 30, 2020

Despite of completing all courses within this professional course i have not got the professional certificate by google.I am not even getting reply for mail.

By Rohan T

Sep 7, 2020

Most of the coursework is guided. Faced few dead ends but there is a lot of community support across the site and sample guides are available through out Google to get past what you get stuck on. I have been playing shell scripting and py-scripts for awhile and this is something I just wanted to get certified about to get my knowledge identified and stand out from the crowd. It took me over 1.5 month to get done with coursework for both IT fundamentals and Automation specialization by Google. Thanks to wholesome community for provision of summarized coursework and to the point material to study from to get through it in such a short 6 week time. Now, I can get ahead with finishing other courses and get started with my university. I just want to see my self as a Googler in near future and contribute to the community in a best possible way I can. With my knowledge and scalable skills.

By Neal

Apr 2, 2020

This course has great value just for boosting my confidence in Python as a tool on my tool belt.

Overall, it's a solid capstone for the certificate. I believe this course is what gives the certificate its value. The lack of overt hand-holding ensures that those that pass actually understand the material. I personally prefer this style of teaching because I learn by doing and being forced to think about what I'm doing. Students aren't bereft of guidance, however, as each weekly lab prepares you for the final lab.

As long as you're preparing for the labs by writing the scripts on your own beforehand, you'll do great.

By Karsten S

Nov 2, 2020

As the last course in the specialisation, it builds on some of the other 5 courses. Without good notes and stored examples from the earlier modules, it is difficult for beginners/intermediate to run Qwiklab tests in the given time. In the last week assignment I run into a couple of bugs, that were not part of the challenge - and I missed the timeline. But like in real life - you need to narrow down the problem, google for solutions and fix it - step by step. Going through this was on my own and solving all, was great fun and learning. The course lifts your confidence and competence.

By Timur U

May 26, 2020

It was an interesting, amazing, and useful set of courses. Through using these courses, I managed to obtain a unique set of skills such as automating real-world tasks, troubleshooting and debugging techniques and configuration management, and so on. Thank you very much for the best practice for the IT administrative role. Thank all staff who was involved in this essential course development. Thank all and personally, Christina, Roger, Kenny, Amanda, and Phelan. All the best for Your Professional Career.