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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Content Strategy for Professionals: Capstone Project by Northwestern University

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About the Course

The Capstone Project will let you demonstrate all that you have learned throughout the Content Strategy Specialization. It is an exciting learning experience that takes you through developing an effective Content Strategy package to meaningfully understand its scope and impact. The Capstone is centered on a fictional web startup, Wish I Was There, which aims to be the go-to travel guide for anywhere in the world using recommendations crowdsourced from local experts. While it is not a real company, the assignment you are asked to complete is similar to the work you would do in the real-world. By the time you’ve finished developing your response to this case, you will see how it directly relates to what confronts you in your own work. For the Capstone assignment, assume you have been selected to develop a Content Strategy for the section of Wish I Was There’s website for the region, people and culture where you live and work. You will need to create a visual mock-up of a webpage that appeals to the audiences you want to reach as well as a comprehensive plan to engage with them....

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Aug 25, 2017

Loved the entire course and the teaching materials. Has been very informative, engaging and highly relevant. Will come back for more.


Feb 16, 2018

It's a good project from learning point. As what ever one learns in the courses, implements it.

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By David B

Mar 23, 2017

This required a lot of work with little gained. Some questions, referring to budgets and site layouts, required skills that weren't learned in the course. The 3 word feedback comments I got from all reviewers did not feel like worthy responses to the amount of time I put into this project. Additionally, I was graded negatively by some reviewers without reason, as happened in other sections. Overall, not really worth the money for a paid certificate. Would be nice if maybe for the capstone only, some sort of professional or professor weighed in on your project for some legitimate and helpful critique.

By Erin S

Oct 3, 2016

While I appreciated the challenge of the capstone project, I didn't feel like the assignment's requests accurately aligned or represented what was provided in the lecture series. As someone who bought this course as one large pack (four courses, one capstone project), it would've been nice to see more intersection. I felt a little "in the dark" on some of this. Given the short timeline to finish the work, too, many of these requests need more time (e.g. building personas needs user research, ideally). All in all, a good challenge to a content professional, but don't expect all of this to align with what you learned in the lecture series.

By Kathryn B

Aug 31, 2020

Content was useful, but method for knowledge testing was less than ideal. I'm not a fan of the blind leading the blind in education: please replace a good portion of the peer-reviewed assignments with some sort of quantitative assessment from the university. Additionally, I had to wait nearly a full month to submit my capstone assignment because of the rigid pace of this specialization. By the time I was allowed to submit my project, I'd moved on to other things and really didn't care about finishing this.

By Alejandra S

Aug 1, 2021

Generally, the content prepared by the Medill School team is great. It's very well structured and comprehensive. The videos are well produced, for content that is getting a bit old. However, I was very disappointed in the way the grading worked, especially during the Capstone Project. I had to wait over 4 weeks to start working on the project and there was nobody from faculty who would review work - only peers. It's understandable that they wouldn't have time to review so many students' projects, but I had to review really shitty projects from my peers and I had put a lot of effort into my own project. It's really not great how Coursera can get away with this, and I'm especially concerned that Northwestern University gives out certificates to below average work. I will not sign up for another specialization again - it's not worth the money.

By Saradwati C

Mar 22, 2018

I loved the capstone project. Since I am still preparing to become a Content Strategist and did not have any actual project work to show people, it gave me an opportunity to showcase what I have to offer. Also, as an Instructional Designer, I believe that, ”Doing is the one of the best ways of learning" and after completing all the courses in this certification, a hands-on experience is what I needed to feel confident of my knowledge of the subject and skill.

The best part was how the project was designed to be unique for everyone and yet had a consistent brief and background. Everyone designed their strategy and the web page for a particular geography, which made it unique but with the same brief in mind, which helped maintain a consistent style and approach. Peer reviewing other's work was also a greta way to learn.

Thanking You

Saradwati Chatterjee

By Gargi C

Aug 26, 2017

Loved the entire course and the teaching materials. Has been very informative, engaging and highly relevant. Will come back for more.

By Elly L

Aug 31, 2020

You will be given the opportunity to create a home page via a useul step-by-step plan. Thank you very much instructors and Coursera.

By Muhammad I

Feb 17, 2018

It's a good project from learning point. As what ever one learns in the courses, implements it.

By Sybille S

Dec 22, 2016

Very challenging with the goal to bring a complete strategy to life.

By Naji A

Jun 10, 2020

Great project with very relevant questions to answer.

By Gabriel G

Dec 23, 2019

Great project summarizing the whole specialization!

By Alfredo E F

Aug 8, 2017

Great experience!

By Tayo A

Aug 13, 2021


By Fulvia A

Feb 27, 2022

A very interesting and detailed course. I followed the whole of it and find it very instructive.

I should add some extra, I'd say that a more interactive section would be well appreciated. I am thinking of professors speaking more about their personal experiences as an example.

Thanks to all!

By Daniela F G

Sep 19, 2017

Great experience

By Jeremy L S

May 22, 2022

I didn't like this course. It asked more of us than it should. It also should be the only one graded by an instructor.