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This course provides a brief introduction to game theory. Our main goal is to understand the basic ideas behind the key concepts in game theory, such as equilibrium, rationality, and cooperation. The course uses very little mathematics, and it is ideal for those who are looking for a conceptual introduction to game theory. Business competition, political campaigns, the struggle for existence by animals and plants, and so on, can all be regarded as a kind of “game,” in which individuals try to do their best against others. Game theory provides a general framework to describe and analyze how individuals behave in such “strategic” situations. This course focuses on the key concepts in game theory, and attempts to outline the informal basic ideas that are often hidden behind mathematical definitions. Game theory has been applied to a number of disciplines, including economics, political science, psychology, sociology, biology, and computer science. Therefore, a warm welcome is extended to audiences from all fields who are interested in what game theory is all about....

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May 30, 2020

This course is amazing for beginners for no prior knowledge about game theory. I especially love the recommendations given at the end of the courses and the honour problems given in the course.


Aug 18, 2022

Best course in the world (yet) !!! Loved the teaching style and humour of Mr. Michihiro Kandori !! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to take this course ...

Thanking you,



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Dec 31, 2019

Tip: If you want to truly gain from this course, work on the optional "Honours" assignments. Those are non-trivial and make you go back and forth and revise the material before you can find a solution. I felt ashamed when I had to refresh some basic math skills to solve some of them.

Prof. Kandori's teaching is truly enjoyable to follow. He explains all the concepts very clearly and doesn't overload you with a lot of information at once, and if you follow the course taking notes along the way, you can build some solid foundation in Game theory. In the last module, the Prof. also kindly provides references to further learning materials along with his brief assessment of what target audience should take which material.

I felt really good about having earned a Honours certificate in this course. I recently enrolled in Coursera Plus, and I am planning to build on this and have a rock star 2020!

By Luke

Jan 20, 2016

This is a very good introduction to game theory having never before studied this subject I have found that the Lectures are easy to understand and flow very well from one to the other.

By Kelvin L W J

Aug 21, 2017

Very easy to follow, and content is manageable for a beginner's course

By Brock M H

Sep 30, 2016

An excellent basic intro or refresher course. Very light on math.

By K T Z

Jun 26, 2020

There are no feedback for the quizzes

By Abhinav A

Jul 23, 2016

This course is basic yet so powerful and will excite those who enroll that they would like to study the subject and that I feel is the most important objective of any course. I had already completed two game theory courses offered by Stanford university and still I found this course to be enriching. The course deals with basic conceptual knowledge of Game Theory and how and why it is useful and applicable in the world around us. I have read Professor Kandori's and he is one of the leading researchers in this field. I feel great to have been taught by such a faculty.

By Jorjée W

Mar 21, 2019

Well made and simple to follow introductory course for those who wish to grasp the basics of Game theory, with good pointers in the end on what to do after the completion of this course. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested to learn about general principles of Game theory. On a minor note, sometimes subtitles do not match the lecturer's speech, or the speaker himself makes little mistakes every now and then (since he's not a native speaker), but they are so minute that they do not hinder the comprehension. In short, it's a wonderful course!

By Lee S Y

Dec 17, 2017

Simple to follow, focuses on introducing basic concepts rather than the math. Could be more in-depth though. Nonetheless, great precursor to the Game Theory course from Stanford.

By R S K

Dec 28, 2018

Great course for someone who isn't familiar with Game Theory. Gives the learner a good idea of the scope of the subject.

By Enrique E

Mar 27, 2017

Excelent introductory course

By Larry L E

Oct 1, 2016

This is an unexpectedly wonderful course, a fantastic introduction to not only the basics of game theory but also to applications and results you (and I) might not have expected. If you begin the course, do not stop - the first two weeks lay out the basics, without requiring much math background (leaving that for the Stanford/UBC course which is quite good). But the final two weeks are eye-opening as they show uses and discoveries based on game theory, especially with regard to social and economic concerns. Prof. Kandori has done research in these areas and has passion for them - don't miss those sessions.

The only drawback to this course might be that it is a bit slow, with much repetition, a useful technique in the classroom but not quite as effective in this online mode. But speeding up the videos one notch might help :)

Were Prof. Kandori to speak here (the San Francisco Bay Area) I would eagerly attend - and his ties to Stanford might make that possible - my antenna are raised for such an occurrence.

By Dina H

Jul 28, 2017

Game Theory as a coherent and well elaborated course. Professor Kandori has really done a great job in structuring the course and explaining the content. In his videos, he explain every step of reasoning and it is apparent that he has put a lot of effort into the slides, examples and the simplification of the issues discussed. I was also amazed by the last video which was sort of a farewell. He used that 3-minutes long opportunity to give additional advice to those further interested in the topic. An excellent course which I recommend, with no second thought, to anyone who is at least a bit intrigued by the logic of social game outcomes.

By Nathan K

Dec 15, 2017

Good basic introduction to Game Theory. Gave the basic understanding of Game theory thinking, and showed applications in various fields such as sociology, economics, politics and biology. Difference between individual and group rationality was a very valuable insight. Also the impact of differences in rationality of the players was very illuminating.

Videos were well presented. Questions and quizzes covered the topic and were not too hard. Sometimes some unclarity on the formulation of the question/answer.

Overall a valuable experience.

By Chiro O

Aug 8, 2020

Easy to understand while fairly challenging. Good for students who want to learn more about the topic without necessarily being academically interested in economics as well. The instructor's delivery is okay, but sometimes the position of text and images on the boards don't exactly line up with where his hand points to. I enjoyed the course - something to keep my mind active during summer quarantine.

By David T K R

Aug 3, 2022

This was an outstanding course. This course gives you great introduction to the fundamentals of Game Theory. For anyone wanting an insight into this topic, I highly recommend it. Thank you to the course creator and lecturer, Professor Michihiro Kandori

By P V V N S H

May 19, 2020

This was a course which made me realise that things are not as unpredictable as they appear. People have made efforts to create wonderful theories to explain things around world. Game theory is one of its kind. I enjoyed the course thoroughly!

By Rainer R

May 30, 2020

This course is amazing for beginners for no prior knowledge about game theory. I especially love the recommendations given at the end of the courses and the honour problems given in the course.

By Dhruv A

Aug 19, 2022

Best course in the world (yet) !!! Loved the teaching style and humour of Mr. Michihiro Kandori !! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to take this course ...

Thanking you,



By Мудрова А Ю

Mar 8, 2019

You really need more than just knowledge of arithmetic to understand this course. The quiz questions sometimes do not correspond with the lectures.

By srinivasan r

Jun 8, 2020

Really a wonderful (Welcome to Game Theory) "Welcome to Game Theory". I truly cherish the ideas that I had got through this. Thanks to Professor Michihiro Kandori, TA's of the course. The Honor's problems were truly challenging. I am happy that I had solved the Honor's problems as well. I felt the 4th week could have been little more detailed. I would welcome any novice who wants to start exploring game theory to this course. Thanks to Coursera for making this a free course.

I would like to provide a suggestion to Coursera to have more free courses like this. It encourages people. After completion of a free course there is a higher possibility for people to purchase the course. Because if courses are not free it creates a mindset whether we will be able to complete the course and whether investing money is fine or not.

By Jacy M

Mar 1, 2020

Very interesting course on game theory! The explanations were clear and easy to understand even for a layperson like me, and the use of examples and real life situations to illustrate the concepts made the course particularly engaging and insightful. It's quite a pity though that learners can't access the solutions to the honours challenge problems till you solve all of them... I would have loved to see the worked solutions as I'm still stuck on how to solve some of them.

By Ryosuke K

Jul 31, 2020

Awesome! WK1 & WK2 are enjoyable, WK3 & WK4 quiz are challenging - googling was required sometimes.

Still curious about the reality of the WK2 Honors quiz#1 "public goods provision game with a threshold", I could well understand this as a math problem(beautiful!), I want to see & convince this in the real world.

I really enjoyed, thanks a lot!


Dr. Kandori sometimes overwrapping on the whiteboard, couldn't grab contents well & it's noisy. ;-)


By Tanya H

May 30, 2020

This course was very easy to digest. I have a busy schedule and a poor background in math but i've always been interested in game theory so I took the plunge to take this course and it was so worth it! This course is made for people who are looking for the concepts behind game theory instead of the calculations so I could follow along easily. It was so fascinating that i've decided to continue my game theory studies for the moment.

By Sara F

Nov 2, 2020

The professor is clear and he is able to explain as simpler as possible Game Theory's concepts which could be hard to be understood.

Obviously, as it is possible to keep by the title, this course is a kick start course. I recommend it for everyone who is principiant in Game Theory. At the end of the course, the professor suggests books and articles which can be read by people who are interested in going deeper into such a topic.


Mar 10, 2021

Excelente curso que entrega las herramientas más importantes para comprender de forma sistemática la teoría de los juegos, personalmente me sirvió mucho para adentrarme en este mundo, del cual tenía nociones por temas de mi universidad, pero al que le agarré especial afecto con este curso. 100% recomendable, gracias a coursera y al instructor, por sus excelentes explicaciones y su conocimientos.

RECOMENDABLE 1000000000000%