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About the Course

Manage large projects by identifying their key characteristics, examining the key factors and risks that affect their performance and exploring methods to counter their impact on the successful delivery of projects. Looking into examples of best practice, you'll explore the relationship between projects, programmes and portfolios. You'll also discover the roles performed by the project manager, examine the difficulties associated with quantifying transaction costs in major project management and consider how different management approaches impact on these costs. Optimism bias and strategic misinterpretation regularly cause delays to major engineering projects. Using stimulating case studies, you'll evaluate the measures of success and compare and contrast 'project success' versus 'project management success'. In the final week of the course, you'll research and present a contemporary example of a major engineering project from your own country. This course explores concepts analysed in the University’s Online MSc in Engineering Management. If you are interested to develop your skills further, take a look at our online degree....

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Jan 16, 2022

This is a well packaged course under the name. The instructor was detailed and exhibited professionalism. It really touched the major areas of the subject. It was a good training.


Nov 29, 2020

AWESOME PROCESS OF LEARNING!!!! The best course I've ever taken so far. Very clear, original, and really highlight the important topics with an extra case study. Just, AWESOME!

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By Ahmed G

May 15, 2020

Why this course needs our account be verified as compare to other which don't requires ? I am finding difficulties in getting certificate.


Apr 19, 2020

The course is beautifully designed in a very crisp manner which makes it easy to understand. The real-time project scenarios and the assignments make the course robust.

By Jappanjot S

Jul 20, 2020

A great learning experience, more of case studies and theories, but having a practical sense of this course. Will be helpful for me in the completion of my bachelor's degree

By Ranjini R

Sep 19, 2020

Useful & Informative course explained in crisp 5-15 min sessions. Assignments involve application of the learning that help the concept to be understood more clearly

By Anna R

Jul 9, 2020

A very interesting course. Provides useful knowledge with interesting examples and challenging tasks. Recommend to everyone studying business or engineering.

By Mina W B S

Jul 13, 2019

Great Course, I get a lot of new definitions and methods for major projects

By mustafa h r

Oct 27, 2018

It is very good course. It helped me alot in learning new things.

By Prashant R

Oct 14, 2019

Nice learning experience

By Pankhuri A

Jul 6, 2020

I personally loved this course because it gave project management very new aspects such as the difference between project management success and project success, etc. The main highlight of this course is its case studies which help achieve a lot more clarity about the content being taught as compared to the learning made through just listening to the lectures.

By Jose R J C

Apr 22, 2020

Top class academics, leaders on their field. Excellent content. The course covers so many aspects go Major engineering projects and the activities are demanding enough to challenge students to think different and engage with academic writing. Definitely a recommended course!

By Huma W

Sep 29, 2020

Very interesting and well structured content. Now moving on to complete the specialization. Engaging and relevant data and references. I recommend to anyone in major infrastructure project environment or who are interested to understand them in detail.

By Benjamin A G E

Aug 8, 2020

Very good information about the course, I learned a lot with the cases, papers and the explanations of Dr. Giorgio Locatelli. Thanks for bringing such important information about Major Projects. Thanks University of Leeds.

By Jamal W K

Aug 20, 2020

This course is really helpful for those who seek employment opportunities or future career in Construction project management (CPM). It has allowed me to widen my understanding of managing engineering projects.

By Willian S

Sep 23, 2019

Un tema de altísima importancia e interés, especialmente para países en desarrollo. Recomendaría que este tópico fuera incluido en curso y/o posgrados de proyectos en las universidades.


Jul 22, 2020

BIG THANKS FOR UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS AND SPECIAL THANKS FOR DR Giorgio locatelli. he has guided us nicely in this course.he made the course smooth and easy

By Thalia S

Jul 20, 2020

A very thorough course, perfectly understood by me who is just a third-year civil engineering student! I would like to see more course like this

By Amritpal S

Jul 8, 2020

Had a great experience learning here. One of the bestest course for learning major engineering project problems and their performances.

By Ibrahim G L

Apr 21, 2020

This course presents much more than expected at the intermediate level. Its comprehensive and accommodating in all aspect of delivery.

By Nwachukwu O

Sep 11, 2020

This course has been a revelation for me. It takes you through all the modules in way that is easy to understand and rich in content.

By Jahid J

Apr 10, 2020

The Course Major Engineering Project Performance is very efficient and effective in my point of view. I have learned lot of knowledge

By Afzaal A A

Feb 1, 2020

It was a unique and intensive course. The reading materials were excellent especially Articles. will definitely recommend it.

By Juliana J F d S R

Jul 22, 2019

Course very good and didactic, easy to understand. I've learned many important concepts and I'm sure it will help me a lot.

By Hassan A G

Mar 19, 2021

Very practical and very interesting. It is exactly how I though. The course name explains all from the outset. The course is predominantly well suited to mature and experienced engineers as well as new engineers and construction management professionals who are keen to develop Major Engineering Project management skills deeply.

The methods of teaching and engaging pays off. The short and main quizzes, the deadlines and the flexibility consolidates your learning and keeps you motivated till the end

By John A D

May 3, 2021

An exceptionally interesting and enlightening course which takes a laudable academic approach to the assessment of Project success and failure as well as to many of the other pitfalls encountered in the management of mega Projects. Highly recommended - not only to students but also to Project Managers, Project Directors and all those of us involved in the management of major/mega Projects.


Dec 18, 2022

I  learned many lessons while attending this course. It tackles the topic of major projects from many perspectives. Case studies of historical projects have a great impact on linking the information in a practical sense. I look forward to starting the next course. Thank you, Dr. Giorgio Locatelli and University of Leeds, for this very informative course!