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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Managing Stress and Time by Arizona State University

About the Course

Stress is a universal experience. Now more than ever, people are suffering from burnout. They're getting overwhelmed by the stress of life, and wondering where their time went. Managing stress is a skill rarely taught in schools, yet it is one of the most vital skills one can have. Thankfully, both time and stress management are skills that can be learned and developed. Everyone has the capability to effectively manage their stress and time, and this course will help you unlock that potential. With the expertise of Dr. Shari Collins from the ASU School of Humanities, the Managing Stress and Time course will put the tools, knowledge and strategies of stress and time management directly into your hands. You’ll learn the fundamentals and get acquainted with your stress and time management toolkit. Then, you’ll directly apply them in hands-on scenarios. Managing stress and time consists of managing expectations and understanding your feelings. So much of your stress stems from worrying about time, simply because it's something you can never get back. Once you're able to start managing your time effectively, you can learn what causes your stress and control those factors. Take the next step on your time and stress management journey today!...
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