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Learner Reviews & Feedback for The Business of Product Management I by Advancing Women in Tech

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Learn to excel in product management roles while learning directly from industry-leading product managers and real-world case studies from Amazon, Intuit, Procter and Gamble, Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods, Google, Twitter, Tesla, Dropbox, Eventbrite, Blue, Samson, Coffee Meets Bagel, Mixpanel, and more! Featuring expert product manager instructors including: * NANCY WANG, Head of Data Protection Services, Amazon Web Services; Founder and CEO, Advancing Women in Product * WAYNE DUSO, Vice President for Edge Computing, File Services, and Data Services, Amazon Web Services * ARUM KANG, Co-Founder & CEO, Coffee Meets Bagel * AMIR MOVAFAGHI, CEO, Mixpanel; former Global Head of Business of Operations, Twitter. Sponsored by AMAZON WEB SERVICES (AWS). This is the first of four courses in the ACE Recommended Real-World Product Management Specialization. When you complete all four courses, you can earn up to 6 college credits....

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Apr 4, 2021

I really enjoyed this course because it was a good balance between the lectures and assignments. Doing the assignments not only helped me increase my confidence but also helped me expand my thinking.


Dec 2, 2020

Fantastic course. I really enjoyed the interviews with industry experts. They were extremely insightful. The exercises and assignments were super useful and the templates made it easy to get started.

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By S.Naveen K

Oct 7, 2020

To me personally, this specialization is a life changer. Nancy Wang is an awesome instructor and she teaches the best practices, tools, and skillsets to be a successful product manager. I suggest anybody who wants to get into product management must go with this course. As an icing on the cake, there is also an awesome community called AWIP. Which facilitates product aspirants to network with the best product minds.

Good Luck!

By Vera T

Jan 29, 2021

I got Product Management certification by finishing Real-World Product Management Specialization that was prepared and lead by Nancy Wang, a Head of Product at Amazon (AWS), who also was a Product Manager at Google and is a CEO and Founder of Advancing Women in Product (AWIP). Nancy shares her knowledge gained throughout her career in those extremely successful companies.

The specialization is a combo of 4 courses to learn product management from different perspectives: customer obsession, market sizing, competitive analyses, success metrics (like KPIs, OKRs, North Stars, A/B/n tests, NPS, CSAT, CES, cohort analyses, LTV, pricing, and financials), etc.

The big advantage of this course is it helps you to create your own portfolio through studying all 4 courses by developing your own product using real-life PM tasks during product management lifecycle from inception till launch. Each task takes about an hour. This work is peer-reviewed and you get real feedback. Even though it is quite time-consuming to do those practical assignments and peer review assignments of other students, it helps to get practical knowledge and learn things by doing, which is especially extremely important for folks who want a transition to a PM role and have no real experience yet.

Another advantage is that you get trained using real PM interview questions. Nancy shares questions from giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft and helps to master their Behavioral, Product Design, Strategy, Estimation, and Technical interview questions.

Also, it was super useful to listen to interviews and panels that Nancy did with successful senior Product Managers and Leaders in Product where they shared their experience, insights, and tips for PM career, things they are looking for in PM candidates.

On top of that Nancy shares great sources for networking to advance your career as a Product Manager.

I highly recommend every Product Manager to take this up!!

Thank you to Nancy Wang and the rest of #AWIP for putting this course together!

I learned so much that I am excited to take into my current and future roles.

By Darian C

Jun 21, 2021


- The real life case studies were great learning tools.

- Hearing from real world experts and product managers gave credibility to the course and material.


- There should be downloadable PDF's for all the topics we covered. For example, the PRD case study should have a downable study guide and template to accompany the assignment. This will allow for future use in the real world and also to accommodate those who learn differently.

- Personal preference. The assignments should all be tied together. The course should offer multiple products based on function area (IT, manufacturing, health care, etc). Then we can follow along and compare our assignments to what a professional Product manager completed.

By Anas R

Nov 30, 2021

Content is very basic.

The instructor is reading from her notes all the time. It is not engaging to watch.

The video is edited in the worst possible way. It is hard to follow.

I had the worst customer experince as a learner while studying a course that focuses on customer experience!

By Bruno H

Aug 12, 2021

Well, I have mixed feelings about this course. In general, this is certainly a course that I would recommend to anyone interested in knowing about and becoming a PM. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure that the instructor and the staff don't know about learning design. The course has a good mix of theoretical, real-world examples, and practice - that was really good! The real-world examples were well chosen and pertinent to the topic in the question. They were great, and I would state the instructor definitely went to the last mile with detailed examples instead of high-level ones usually found in courses (for example, on the Blue vs. Samson competitive analysis). Also, the exercises demand students to be really active, with the correct dose of challenge. Finally, the weakest point lies in the theoretical content, where almost 100% of them were taught while showing the instructor in front of the camera, without any supplementary material which would help students to have a visual representation and would help to follow the explanation (some simple bullet points would make the difference to follow along). I have learned a lot, from the PM-world terms and definitions, common traps, the role, the tools, the skills. Also, I had some insights along the way. As I mentioned, the learning design is not good, but the content is so valuable that this problem was surpassed (although it can certainly be improved).

By Christiane P R

May 1, 2021

Overall a great course, one of the bests I took so far in coursera. As feedback I would like to state:

1- sometimes it gets long to get someone's work that you can review. I'm not sure this is a limitation in coursera platform or on how courses are setup here. Another training I did was exactly the same and this waiting time sometimes is frustrating. I do not have a full solution for that ;) but I would propose something around named "tutors" or mentors, people that offer themselves as reviewers. This would allow the one providing the course to enable a threshold that could mark work as done in case it takes more than X hours for someone to get someone elses work. I do understand that in your model See one, Do one, review one it is very important to have this review exercise ... but it could improve user experience.

2- more resources please :) I loved reading the article provided in this course and sometimes for a beginner it can be challenging to search ourselves for good and right articles to read.

By Siddharth

Jan 8, 2021

This course provides a rudimentary introduction to different areas of work that an early-career product manager might need to become familiar with in order to succeed on the job. The course is engaging, light and offers useful exercises to learn by doing. The only areas that could be improved are (1) the rigor with which various topics are dealt with and (2) it might help to integrate all the topics with a section/exercise that walks the student with all the activities that need to be done from start to finish. For instance, take an idea, perform competitive analysis, define an MVP, come up with a PRD, PR/FAQ and GTM. All in all, this course has the makings of the best course on the topic. I'd love to see the content evolve before recommennding to my PM mentees.


Sep 18, 2021

Nancy really made the class for simplified with the use of various examples of other companies with PMs and other citations from them.

Also, I couldn't believe that I could push myself to get my graded assignments done with deep research online by reading more to get more information that I eventually used to get my assignments done with using the company I made from my head but actually based on my personal experience I encounter when I travelled to Dubai last year.

Most of my graded assignments are centered around the problem I faced and I am so glad that Nancy's lesson was able to help me to think of a possible solution to them

Thank you Nancy.


By Vincenzo C

Jun 1, 2021

Fantastic course! I was very curious about product management and following the course it was fantastic to know the standard methodologies. Regarding user course experience, I guess that can be improved the review assignment, I noticed that often is needed wait several days for the reply (and several users asks reviews on the forum). Maybe can be introduce some automatic o semi-automatic mechanism to review, as in the quiz where the quiz itself executes checks and give feedback on errors. Can be helpful also to increase number of peer review for each submission, from one to two-three.

By Lelush Z

Aug 27, 2022

This course is one of the best courses I have ever had. The inspiring stories of working professionals, the practical lessons that follow theory, and the fantastic structure make this course very valuable. I enjoyed practical assignments that made me think outside the box, research, find information and make hypotheses. From what was hard: I had a challenge with the Product PRD quiz because the answer choices were not always right and wrong; some were just less right from the lecturer's point of view. Will continue studying the specialization made with outstanding professionalism!

By Erica H

Jan 30, 2021

I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this course. The videos were filled with a lot of interesting information and there was good guidance on completing the assignments. It was rewarding to feel like I was improving my skills as we went and it made me more confident that I can become a product manager in the future. My one suggestion would be some additional guidance on how to choose a product at the beginning to focus on throughout the course.

By Skyers 5

May 7, 2021

It is a delight to take this course, it allows me to get a pace of progress, things that I knew superficially are explained in such an easy way that I can retain the knowledge and explain to others. I also like the see-do-teach approach to make sure the knowledge is learned, practiced, and explained to others. Looking forward to continue with the next parts of the course. I also found a lot of value from guest's videos.


Dec 3, 2020

Enjoyed the course and learned a lot. The peer grade exercises were thoughtfully constructed and helped to solidify concepts taught in the lectures. Continuing to Course 2 and look forward to completing the entire specialization.


Dec 3, 2020

Fantastic course. I really enjoyed the interviews with industry experts. They were extremely insightful. The exercises and assignments were super useful and the templates made it easy to get started.

By Bettina J

Nov 3, 2020

Incredibly great course with a lot of learnings and examples. I highly recommend it to everyone! I can't wait to start Product Management II tomorrow :) Great job Nancy on the topics and examples

By Ayodeji O

Sep 1, 2022

The content was top notch and the delivery was great. I learned a lot from this course and I am basically prepared to start as an associate product manager. Thank you, Nancy and the entire team.

By Bahadir K

Sep 20, 2020

Nancy, you amazed me with your very clear explanation of PM and very well structured course. Looking forward to learn more from you.

By Carina O

Oct 13, 2020

I loved the emphasis on getting more women in technology. We need more leaders like Nancy!

By Fi D

Oct 13, 2020

This course is miles above the other product management courses on Coursera!

By Gordon Y

Sep 15, 2020

This is the greatest, most relevant product management course out there!

By Sudarshan K

Dec 5, 2022

It is a great place to start for beginners on Product Management. However, I think the overall ideas could have been more structured. Let me explain what I mean.

First, let me point out the sequence that the course was designed in.

Customer Personas --- Customer Journeys -- Customer Acquisition Funnel --- PRDs and PRs --- MVP -- TAM , SAM and SOM.

I mean this is a pretty good structure but I think no the best one.

For example, in my head - I was trying to understand the course in the following way.

As the first step, of course yes, we would want to learn about Customer Personas. And, that made complete sense. Because of course, that is where you would want to start while coming up with a new product, right? You would want to understand the "WHO" of the product first.

And, the next lesson that we studied after this was about Customer Journeys and Customer Acquisition Funnel. But, I think here itself it would make more sense to study about TAM, SAM, and SOM. Because, it is important that we are understanding these metrics before we build MVP, right? Why go through the process of even writing a single line of code if you are not sure about your TAM SAM SOM?

And, then I would go into learning about customer journeys and PRDs together. Because that is when you start building the product and creating PRDs makes most sense when you are building it. PRDs are "HOW" of the product.

And now that MVP is ready and validated, we need to sell the product. And that is when, Customer Acquisition Funnel and b2b sales come in.

I mean I don't want to teach you how to teach. I am pretty sure you have done much more research on this and are obviously highly qualified. But, all I am saying is, if the course was also structured according to how a product cycle flows - that would have been pretty good - personally for me. It does not have to be that way , of course.

Otherwise, great course. Thank you v much!

By Lucy H

Aug 2, 2022

The course had some really interesting content and was relatively clear and well structured. However the lectures were quite badly edited and very jumpy so I had the impression they were recorded in a rush and they were sometimes difficult to follow. In addition, the quizes were very frustrating because a lot of the questions were very subjective ('what is the best way...') and some were outdated, mentioning companies or websites that don't exist any more. In addition, some of the answers were actually not correct/in sync with the question. E.g. what is the worst way to ... and the correct answer (after several quiz attempts) was in fact the 'best' way. Could definitely do with a bit of polish and an update but overall it was a good way to learn the basics.

By Lorena W

Feb 1, 2022

The lectures, materials, quizzes and assignments are confusing. It is very hard to follow along and complete assignments without feeling confused.

By Asmaa A

Sep 24, 2021

Good information but a bad illustration I am afraid. Overall a quite confusing course especially when it comes to the assignments and quizzes.

By Yepeng S

Sep 3, 2021

No slides provided, no reading materials;

The presentation is not systematic, probably it is a new area.