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About the Course

This course is designed to provide you with techniques to assist you in adopting a growth mindset, dealing effectively with others, and thinking through decisions. It will also help you resolve everyday challenges in the workplace and in your daily life. The course is divided into four modules: Lifelong Learning, Emotional Intelligence, Solving Problems, and Critical Thinking. In module one, Lifelong Learning, you will be introduced to the importance of learning throughout your life. You will find out about the ability of the brain to learn new things and the types of mindsets that contribute to the process. You will also learn that it is okay to make mistakes and receive guidance on how to achieve a growth mindset. Building solid relationships and defusing conflict are key abilities to maintain a healthy professional and personal life. You will learn about these in module two, Emotional Intelligence. You will also learn about self-regulation and how grounding exercises can help you achieve it. Additional skills you will build from this module include knowing your audience, active listening, and managing conflict. Being able to identify the cause of a problem and think through suitable solutions are important skills. Module three, Solving Problems, will explain the difference between simple and complex problems and share strategies to solve them. It will also provide techniques to simplify decision-making. Finally, module four on Critical Thinking will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the importance of critical thinking and techniques to help you evaluate information effectively....
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By Aditi D

Aug 8, 2022